Crank up your fat-burning furnace with high intensity interval training! This 40 minute session combines intervals of high intensity exercises followed by intervals of recovery. HIIT&RUN is our pure cardio session where every exercise elicts a cardio response. The focus is on fat burning and cardiovascular fitness. Accelerate fat loss with HIIT training by burning 9x the fat compared to traditional steady state “cardio” thanks to the after-burn effect!

Our CORE program consists of 40 minutes of core work (all the muscle of the stomach and lower back) combined with intervals of high intensity cardio exercises. Burn fat, tighten your core and strengthen your low back all at once.

This 40 minute session combines functional strengthening and toning exercises for the glutes, hams and quads with fat burning cardiovascular interval exercises. You’ll see improvements in lower body strength, power, balance, stamina, agility and overall tone and shape.

In our new HIIT&UPPER workout you’ll experience 40 minutes of functional strength training for your entire upper body (chest, back, shoulders, biceps and triceps) combined with fat burning cardio intervals. You’ll trim the fat while strengthening and toning the muscles of your upper body.

Our newly released HYBRID-HIIT workout is designed to completely shake up your routine, keep your body guessing and give you a total body workout that scorches fat.

It’s called HYBRID-HIIT because it will have some components of each of our HIIT workouts (maybe some arms, maybe some upper or lower…but always plenty of cardio intervals). Experience 40-45 minutes of always varying exercises programmed to trim the fat, improve cardiovascular fitness and strengthen and tone your muscles.